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Areas of Expertise

We have been in the packaging industry since 1983 and have a wealth of experience and proficiency in many areas of this industry. However, we are constantly learning and upgrading our knowledge to provide our clients with the best possible services.


Multilayer extrusion technologies are used to manufacture films that are needed for the types of packaging we manufacture. These films offer a variety of benefits, including protection against moisture and oxygen


Our Gravure and Flexographic printing capabilities allow for high-quality, detailed prints with up to 10 colors. Matte and Gloss finishes can also be applied to create a unique look for your product.


Solvent-based and solvent-less multilayer laminations can be applied to provide improved barrier properties, appearance, and strength for packaging applications


The final printed and laminated films can be used to create various types of pouches, such as three-sided sealed pouches, center-sealed pouches, and stand-up pouches. The films can also be supplied on reels, depending on the filling machinery used.

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Shrink Sleeve Labels


Vacuum Packaging

Food & Spices

Sealed Pouches


Bulk Pouches

Cafe & Restaurants

Bags & Boxes

Printing with a gloss and matte varnish appearance and texture to create an appealing look that will capture the attention of consumers

High-quality prints from multi-colored Flexographic and Gravure printers

    At Selmo, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. This includes assistance from the time they place their order until it is delivered, as well as support after the sale.


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