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— Our Process

The process is easy with us here to help you, at every step.

Each project takes approximately 6 weeks from start to finish.

Product Development

We assess the item you intend to package, providing product and design recommendations for an appropriate material structure that ensures optimal conditions for your products’ shelf life. By breaking down specific production costs, we enable you to discern the impact of factors such as materials, quantities, print methods, and more. Equipped with this comprehensive information, you can make well-informed decisions to determine the best fit for your project.


Once you have finalised your product and design specifications we will build an itemised quote for your product.

Pre-Press Development

If the product requires a print, a dedicated timeframe will be allocated for the production of either Flexo printing plates or Gravure printing cylinders.


Upon the completion of the Flexo printing plates or Gravure printing cylinders, the manufacturing stages can now begin.

Logistics & Distribution

As soon as the order has been manufactured, we will promptly dispatch it to you.

— About Us

Born from a mission for attainability.

Selmo PVT LTD is at the forefront of curated packaging solutions, seamlessly integrating form and finish across a diverse range of packaging items. With esteemed international collaborations, access to cutting-edge technology, and reliable raw materials, we exemplify innovation in the industry.

We’ve become industry leaders because of our consistent delivery of functional packaging that aligns precisely with brand specifications, establishing demonstrated success.


Years of Experience



Clients Serviced

— Our Policy

Our fully customized services ensure that your vision becomes a vibrant reality.

We help take you from start to finish, whether you’re an established brand with production-ready plans or a start-up with zero packaging experience.

— Values

Pioneering the future of packaging together.


Bound by Quality

We take an open, collaborative approach to every problem and push the limits of what’s possible, while never promising the impossible.


Deliver on Promise

We commit to what we can deliver, and we follow through every time.


Together is Better

As a leading packaging company, our commitment to collaborative excellence sets us apart. With a shared vision of creating innovative packaging solutions.