Food Wrapper

Kraft paper food wrappers for packing burgers and submarines are packaging solutions designed specifically for the food service industry. These wrappers are made from kraft paper, a durable and grease-resistant material that helps maintain the quality and freshness of the food while providing a convenient way to serve and transport it.

Product Details
Burger Wrappers: Kraft paper burger wrappers are used to wrap individual burgers and these wrappers help contain the juices and toppings of the burger while providing a comfortable grip for the customer. They feature a grease-resistant coating to prevent the paper from becoming soggy and to keep the burger from leaking.
Submarine Wrappers: Submarine sandwiches are typically larger than burgers and require a different type of wrapper. Kraft paper submarine wrappers are sized to accommodate the length and width of a sub-sandwich. They are used to tightly wrap the sandwich, ensuring that all the ingredients stay together and that the bread remains fresh and intact.
Grease Resistance: The grease-resistant properties of kraft paper help prevent oil and moisture from seeping through the wrapper, keeping the food fresh and the customer’s hands clean.
Minimum Order Quantity
5000 units
Production Lead Time
1-2 Weeks

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